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While "Seed Digging," I see a very common and interesting thing that occurs in sessions. When a person gets back to that "root" memory from childhood that is driving so many emotional or behavioral problems in their life, a distortion has occurred. As little children, we ALL mispieced information together on multiple occasions because our brains weren't fully developed.

Children want to believe the "good" in people and society and when others don't do the appropriate or "right thing," then children can make quick, faulty assumptions. Children are also very much black and white thinkers and this also makes assumptions occur more frequently.

For example, if a child's parent tells them that a tree is "purple," that child may know that the tree is "brown," but the child also knows that his parent is supposed to "tell him the truth." So he faces a big dilemma within his mind. The child is smart enough to know that both are not correct so the child may quickly decide that something is "wrong." Here's where the "seed" gets planted. It would be easier for the child to believe that there is something "wrong with himself," as opposed to believing that his parent is lying or that the tree is really purple. So...the child decides there must be something wrong with "himself" and here's where the "root" of all kinds of issues begin.

I see this ALL the time in sessions with children and adults.

When that seed gets planted that something is "wrong with me" then there are devastating effects that grow from that belief.

The other sad reality with this is that many times, we "adults," do the same thing. We look around at different situations in life and because we WANT to believe the "good things" that people tell us, we can get easily manipulated and deceived.

The great thing is that we aren't "bad" or "stupid" for believing those things. We just have to learn to listen to that "still small voice" from within that really wants to lead and guide us. And we have to be careful to not be guided by a voice of "fear."

There is a big difference. The "voice of truth" never brings shame or guilt. It ALWAYS brings peace...even when we do something incorrectly or mess up. When "truth" comes, it literally sets people free from the inside out.

Each Seed Digging session reminds me that no matter what behavioral or emotional issues people are experiencing, their hearts really just want to know its going to be okay.

They also want to feel safe, loved, valued, accepted, needed, and that they belong. When these things get out of balance, people gravitate to other people, "jobs," and things and listen to all kinds of "half truths" to get these innate needs met.

When these things fall apart, they begin to feel that their "world" falls apart.

The real Truth is that there is a constant force who NEVER leaves. There is One constant force who always tells the truth. There is one Solid Rock who will always be there, no matter if your job, spouse, child, friend, car, house, or anything else in your life goes away.

He will always be there and will never leave your side.

This is where our mind sets have to change. We can't put anything else in His spot because when we do, we realize that people, "jobs," and things may fail because they were never meant to be forever.

Truth is forever. God is always there and will not go away.

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