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Seed Digging: A Simple Technique



A Simple Technique that Leads to Incredible Inner Peace is a 60-page, power packed book that was created so that children and adults could learn how to find inner peace all by themselves.

Burns struggled with eating disorders for 13 years and the hopelessness and internal anguish she experienced kept her from enjoying life. At the point of despair and after trying multiple self-help strategies, counseling, and medications to stop the disorders, she went to a trusted friend who was using a different type of approach.


After only one session, the eating disorders were completely stopped.  Over a decade later she is still completely cured of both Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa and feels more inner peace than she has ever experienced in her life.

As a result of her own inner transformation, she began to use the same technique and apply it to her mental health clients who were also struggling with addictions and mental health disorders. She began seeing children and adults who had suffered from mental health problems and addictions for years completely improve within a very short amount of time.  She then began teaching them how to use the same technique to pull their own "seeds" (the source of their emotional and behavioral problems) by themselves and the results were incredible.  She has taught several children, including her own, how to use the technique and they continuously discover inner peace all by themselves.

The book gives a simple explanation about how and why the technique works and also specific steps that you can use and try for yourself.  She also gives several real life examples in the book of children and adults who were struggling with serios emotional and behavioral problems who made a complete turn-around after discovering the Seed Digging technique.

Seed Digging is a very basic "quick read" that will enlighten you on how to use this incredibly simple, yet powerful technique called "Seed Digging" that can change your life forever! If you would like to purchase this book please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Seed Digging: A Simple Technique

Teachers Edition


This version of the original release is written specifically for teachers. In the video below, author Shawna Burns shares her feelings about the power of teachers to positively impact students.

Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit


Burns' second book, 'Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit,' is based on Burns' remarkable technique called “Seed Digging,” which teaches children and adults how to overcome personal addictions and mental health issues quickly and permanently by pulling “sad seeds” from their lives when behaviors and emotions get out of control.

The main character, a little Gardenia named Charlie, had a "sad seed" planted in his heart when Frappy taunted him that his garden was ugly. The seed grew into a great big yucky, stinky tree that caused huge problems for Charlie, his garden and for the entire village of Gardenias. Readers will find out if Charlie is able to get that yucky, stinky tree out of his garden, bring back his precious orange trees, and find happiness again. The book also contains follow-up questions for facilitators to ask children after reading the story.

Burns' goal is for children to understand how beautiful and wonderful they truly are, and to bring peace and joy to themselves and others by planting "happy seeds," which grow into beautiful flowers when we believe the truth. She believes we were made exactly like we were supposed to be.

Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit comes in two versions: Original (most appropriate for children in grades 2nd-5th) and The Early Childhood Version (most appropriate for children in Preschool-1st grade)

About the Auther

About the Author 

Seed Digging Stem.png
"A huge desire of my heart is that people will discover their amazing value and worth . . . when they do, their life will never be the same."
-Shawna Burns, Author  

I am excited that you found us and are interested in learning more about Seed Digging!


First of all, let me introduce myself and share with you a little about my personal and professional journey. First and foremost, I am a mother of two amazing daughters and have been married to my wonderful hubby for over 23 years. Family is super important to me, and I cherish each and every moment that I have with my girls and husband.

Professionally,  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor-Clinical Supervisor. I am also currently working on my doctorate through California Southern University and am continuously working toward scientifically validating the Seed Digging approach and technique. Before becoming a counselor, I taught special-education in the public school system and absolutely loved it.  I almost didn't finish my counseling degree because of my passion for the classroom, yet I desperately wanted to find a way to reach my students on a deeper level. Over the past 16 years of being a mental health counselor, I have learned so many things that I wish I would have known as a teacher. One of my favorite things to do is to train teachers on these enlightening concepts so that they can use it in their classrooms. I have learned that some of the most powerful things we can do in the classroom to help students thrive truly are the most simple ones. By incorporating Maslow's concepts from the Hierarchy of Needs, we can help students who are are struggling emotionally and behaviorally reach a level 4 (positive self esteem) and thrive even when all the odds are stacked against them. Many of my trainings and books reflect on how to incorporate these "innate emotional human needs" into the classroom and at home to help students learn, grow, and thrive at their greatest potential.

In the counseling world, I also realized that these same basic concepts are the core foundation that clients need to overcome serious emotional and behavioral issues. I am living proof of this. Through my struggles of severe depression, anxiety, and eating disorders that lasted for 13 years, I understand what trauma looks like from the inside out. After years of trying multiple coping skills and many traditional therapy sessions, I finally came across a different type of counseling session that dealt with my emotional pain and disorders at the root. In one counseling session, I overcame debilitating disorders that almost took my life on many occasions.  That counseling session literally changed my life and helped me see myself through a new lens. I have devoted the past decade into developing that same healing process into a simple language for children (and adults) called Seed Digging. This compassionate approach blends many counseling models and Maslow's basic concepts together in an "analogy of a garden" to explain how mental health issues and addictions develop and how they can be overcome. I look forward to sharing this information with you through my books and online/live trainings and hope that in the process we can help children and adults realize that their life matters, that they are amazing, and that they truly can overcome these problems and find healing that lasts. I hope you will join this journey with me.

-Shawna Burns

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