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Shawna Burns' children's book, 'Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit,' is based on Burns' remarkable technique called “Seed Digging,” which teaches children and adults how to overcome personal addictions and mental health issues quickly and permanently by pulling “sad seeds” from their lives when behaviors and emotions get out of control.

The main character, a little Gardenia named Charlie, had a "sad seed" planted in his heart when Frappy taunted him that his garden was ugly. The seed grew into a great big yucky, stinky tree that caused huge problems for Charlie, his garden and for the entire village of Gardenias. Readers will find out if Charlie is able to get that yucky, stinky tree out of his garden, bring back his precious orange trees, and find happiness again. The book also contains follow-up questions for facilitators to ask children after reading the story.

Burns' goal is for children to understand how beautiful and wonderful they truly are, and to bring peace and joy to themselves and others by planting "happy seeds," which grow into beautiful flowers when we believe the truth. She believes we were made exactly like we were supposed to be.


Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit (Original Version)

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