Suicide Prevention and Awareness

To help raise awareness, Shawna Burns collaborated with the Arkansas Department of Education and AETN/Arkansas PBS on a 17 part series named  "Suicide Prevention - Looking Deeper." Please click the link below to find out more!

What is "Seed Digging?"


Seed Digging is a compassionate approach that blends evidence-based counseling models and techniques together in a simple language to help individuals understand how emotional and behavioral issues develop and how to overcome them. Seed Digging uses a garden analogy to explain how negative and positive thoughts (seeds) can deeply impact emotions and behaviors; through simple strategies, negative seeds can be "uprooted" and replaced with positive ones through building self-confidence, love and inner healing connection. These are the keys to experiencing incredible inner peace and joy. Seed Digging incorporates current neurological research and concepts and techniques from Person-Centered Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Play Therapy, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and Attachment theory.


Seed Digging also offers several programs and services including a school based trauma informed model, with 5-layers of care, a wellness & counseling clinic, books and resources, live trainings and online training programs.

Seed Digging Wellness Center


The Seed Digging Wellness Center has trained mental health professionals who guide clients through counseling sessions to help them “pull weeds" and get to the root of the intense emotion or behavior. Clients then learn how to listen to "thoughts of love" and find inner healing and connection by "rewiring" pathways in their brain. Throughout the therapy process, clients are gradually trained to use the technique themselves so that they can sustain healing, grow, and thrive.

Seed Digging counseling sessions occur at the Seed Digging Wellness Center located in Harrison, Arkansas.

For more information about sessions at the Seed Digging Wellness Center, check out our website at:



Shawna Burns, a Licensed Counselor has authored four books on the concepts of Seed Digging. Each provide an overview of how the technique and strategies of Seed Digging can literally change a person's life.

Upcoming Live Trainings


Lamar School District

December 10th

Bentonville School District

January 18 (date is tentative)

Shawna Burns

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor
Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor-Clinical Supervisor
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About the Author

Before becoming a counselor, Shawna taught special-education in the public school system & absolutely loved it.  She almost didn’t finish her counseling degree because of her passion in the classroom, yet her heart desperately wanted to work with children in a one-on-one setting in hopes of making an even greater impact. She eventually ...

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