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In collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Education and AETN/Arkansas IDEAS, the Seed Digging Suicide Prevention Training is now open to the public!


As seen on Fox News

Shawna Burns tells the story of a girl who is no longer suicidal 

Seed Digging Online Training Program is NOW OPEN!
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What is "Seed Digging"?


The technique is based on a simple analogy of a garden and teaches that we all “have gardens” inside our hearts where weeds and flowers grow. The weeds present those negative feelings and actions that cause problems for ourselves and others. The flowers represent those happy feelings and positive actions that bring joy and peace to our lives.

​Seed Digging helps a person uproot weeds and replace them with flowers which results in helping the person live with incredible inner peace. 

Seed Digging Wellness Center


The Seed Digging Wellness Center has trained mental health professionals who guide clients through counseling sessions to help them “pull weeds.” Eventually, clients learn how to use the technique themselves and the goal is that they use Seed Digging to stop future emotional or behavioral problems as they arise.

Seed Digging counseling sessions occur at The Seed Digging Wellness Center in Harrison, Arkansas. Please call 870-204-6016. 



Shawna Burns, a Licensed

Counselor has authored four books on the concepts of Seed Digging. Each provide an overview of how the technique and strategies of Seed Digging can literally change a person's life:

Seed Digging: A Simple Technique that Leads to Incredible Inner Peace

Seed Digging For Teachers,

Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit (early childhood version and original)

Upcoming Trainings


North Carolina School-Based Health Alliance

Annual Conference

Keynote Speaker

March 31, 2020 - postponed until 2020 per Covid

Shirley School District

June 3rd, 2020 - postponed

Clinton School District 

Teacher Training

June 5th, 2020 

East Central University-Brandon Whitten Institute

Ada, Oklahoma

Suicide Prevention Training

August 26th, 2020

Please check back for several trainings rescheduled for fall/winter/spring due to Covid -19


Read how this strategy has changed lives. 


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Books & Resources

Order books and resources to help you implement this strategy and learn more about the science behind it!

Shawna Burns  
Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor
Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor-Clinical Supervisor


Before becoming a counselor, she taught special-education in the public school system & absolutely loved it.   She almost didn’t finish her counseling degree because of her passion in the classroom, yet her heart desperately

wanted to work with children in a one-on-one setting in hopes of making an even greater impact. She eventually ...