Here are just a few of the many testimonials from children and adults whose lives have been transformed through this simple, yet incredible technique. If you would like to send a quote or letter based on your Seed Digging experience, please send an email to info@seeddigging.com.  We would love to hear from you!

“I’m not a nobody, I am a somebody and I’m special.”


“My grandson doesn’t have violent anger outbursts anymore.”


“I’m not afraid anymore.

I have more confidence and I am talking to people and making friends, which has always been hard

for me before.”

– Sandy

“I really didn’t think I could do this

by myself but it really worked.

I found seeds that I had no clue

were even there.”



“The excruciating stomach pains that I had for months

haven’t come back since that session 2 months ago.”


“I feel like I have been set free

from prison.”

– Tom

“I’m actually getting along with my mom!”


I never could just sit down

and enjoy my children because I felt I always had too much to do.

I truly enjoy the moment and can play with them now.”


“My son doesn’t have the meltdowns

that he used to 

have." -Jan

“I felt a huge weight literally lift off my back.”

– Faith

“I had sliced my arms and legs up

for years to help relieve some

of the pain I held inside.

I haven’t felt like doing thatat all since you worked with me.”


“My life seems to have meaning and purpose now.

Before I just felt like I was going through the motions.”


“I feel so strong inside.”


 “I dig with myself when I feel depressed

and it really works.”


“I always thought I knew where those issues started

but had no clue that’s how far back it went. I haven’t thought about that in years.”                                           -Lynn

“My teenage daughter isn’t having sex  with random men anymore.  She seems to finally be at peace with herself.”

– Candace

“I cannot believe that the stomach problems

I have had for so long are finally gone.” 


“I thought I would be ashamed

and feel dirty my whole life

but now I am happy and not ashamed.”


“I have never really known my wife until now.”

– Bob

“I have always felt so angry

at the world and didn’t know why. I’m not angry anymore.”


 “I feel at peace inside. I don’t feel like I’m on a roller coaster anymore.”


I haven’t chewed my fingernails

in a long time.”


“Why doesn’t everyone know about this…

it is so powerful.”

– Sadie