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Seed digging does not rely on coping skills to bring sustained healing. Instead it focuses on getting to the “root” of the problem.  Using CBT and Psychodynamic approaches to counseling, licensed counselors and trained mental health professionals gently guide the client to discover the underlying cause of their problem. Once that “root” is discovered, the Seed Digging Professional helps the client “pull” the seed or the underlying reason for the problem and replace it with a "truth". The Seed Digging approach also uses a language to reach the "inner child" and help bring healing at a core level.

Treatment Specialization Includes:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

  • Grief Counseling

  • Panic Attacks

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Couples and Marriage Counseling

  • Divorce Recovery and Prevention

  • Family Counseling

  • Blended Family Issues

  • Parent - Child Problems

  • Work and Career Issues

  • Stress Management

  • Addiction & Recovery

  • Conflict Resolution


The Seed Digging Wellness Center provides therapy for a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues and addictions. Licensed mental health professionals are available to guide you through an individual, marriage and family, or a couple's counseling session. 

We currently have 3 Seed Digging Professionals at our clinic in Harrison, Arkansas:


  • Shawna Burns, LPC-S, LADAC-CS, SDP-S

  • Brandon Martin, LPC, LADAC, TF-CBT, SDP

  • Acacia Johnson, LPC, TF-CBT, SD/P

Brandon Martin, Picture.jpg

Brandon Martin


A little about me,

Being raised in a Christian home I am both grateful and excited to share my compassion of servitude in helping others through their journey we call life. My background and counseling really started from not just the ground, but in the trenches. My time serving the community began in North Littlerock all the way to Northern Arkansas serving as a paraprofessional, community and school-based counseling coordinator, director of outpatient counseling service, clinical supervisor, and achieving an Arkansas licensure in professional counseling. My research and studies have taught me the respect of not just other religions and spirituality, but the fundamental concepts of a life in balance and how we form attachments . I have found in both my studies and in my own anecdotal experience, that the client is truly the expert of their own lives and I play an integrated role in helping them to navigate at full capacity by strengthening their inner voice. There are multiple approaches from our research in mental health, but I find that there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but rather a collaboration that is shared between them. I borrow from Seed Digging and emotionally focused therapy models that are bringing our research together in a beautiful language that even the youngest can communicate with and grasp. Continuing education in trauma focused CBT, registered play therapy training, Seed Digging, Aut-play training, specialization in Tele communication counseling, and a second license in alcoholism and drug addiction counseling, I dedicate to always stay on the leading edge of technology and mental health research to serve my clients in the quickest but most effective way for that category of need. We are taught in our field to bring minds together and to build relationships at the core of our human attachment and survival. I commit to building community relationships and to find the right fit for each client starting at our first encounter. I have fifteen years and success working in the community and for children as young as four and the retired-adult age . My commitment is to serve others and to do the very best with what I have been given .

Highest Regards,
Brandon Lee Martin

Acacia Johnson, Picture.jpg

Acacia Johnson


I love helping teenagers and young adults who are struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. When needed, I help them find healing from trauma that shaped who they see in the mirror. I strive to help people to learn to like themselves without having to rely excessively on others' validation, as well as creating healthy boundaries in relationships to avoid re-victimization and toxic relationships. If you know someone struggling to feel safe, loved, valued and accepted, I'd love to spend some time with them. I'd be honored to model what a healthy relationship looks and feels like.

As a trauma-informed therapist who has my own road of recovery to walk, I believe that understanding how PTSD and trauma can affect our relationships is one of the first steps to healing for many. I continue to seek out new opportunities to grow both as a person and a specialist to ensure that the care I provide is some of the most up-to-date available.

As part of Seed Digging PLLC, I consult with our team ensuring that all possible treatment approaches are considered. If we encounter problems outside my areas of expertise, I can provide seamless referrals, including testing and medication management, to get you the help you need.

If you would like to schedule a session, please call 870-204-6016. Referrals may also be faxed to 1-870-782-2914. We currently accept many insurances and have cash pay options as well. If you would like more information please send us your contact information below.