• Preschool kiddos will love the activities included in this kit and will learn the concept of Seed-Digging while working on literacy skills! 

    Included in this kit are all the supplies and teacher guide to complete the following four activities: 

    Activity 1: Children listen to the book Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit (not included) and re-create the scenes using the included backdrop and characters (adhered to velcro) as they plant and dig up happy and sad seeds. 

    Activity 2: Children organize the six main points from the book in sequence by arranging printed scenes from the book in the order in which they occurred. 

    Activity 3: As the teacher reads common "seeds" that are spoken, children use cut-outs to identify them as happy or sad. They then brainstorm how the Wise Old Oak Tree might respond to those thoughts/seeds.

    Activity 4: Students use the cut-outs to role play the act of digging up sad, stinky thoughts and seeds. 


    All cut-outs are printed on cardstock, laminated, and  intended for multiple use.

    Everything comes pre-cut and glued so no cutting is required. Open the package and use immediately without the prep-work!

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. 

    Individual Preschool Activity Kit (Introductory Price!)