• The activity kit provides children with a concrete example of what the concept of Seed Digging is all about. Students read the book and then identify and plant "happy seeds" and "sad seeds" in the gardens of their heart. As those seeds begin to grow, it becomes obvious that the "sad seeds" take over, just like in the book! Through the process of seed digging, those yucky plants are actually dug up and replaced with truth. The result is a garden and mind that nurtures "happy seeds" and eliminates "sad seeds"!

    The activity kit comes with all needed supplies to complete the three sections that each take approximately 30 minutes. Sections 1 & 2 can be completed on the same or consecutive days, but Section 3 needs to be completed 7-14 days later (to allow the "sad" seeds to grow).

    WARNING: This kit contains bean, clover, and chia seeds. 

    Garden Activity Kit for Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-Good Fruit (Original)

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