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The "Seed Digging" counseling approach incorporates numerous techniques from widely accepted mental health therapy models that have been around for several years. Seed Digging rearranges these techniques into a new eclectic approach that brings quick and lasting results.

It does not rely on coping skills to bring sustained healing but gets to the "root" of the addiction or mental health issue by guiding the client in discovering the underlying cause. Once the "root" of the problem is discovered, the Mental Health Professional helps the client "pull" the seed or the underlying reason for the problem.

This concept could be compared to a thorn bush inside of a beautiful garden.  If a person wanted the thorn bush out of their garden, they would need to pull the bush up at the root. By doing this, the thorns or the "problem" would immediately disappear.

Traditional mental health therapy models tend to use coping skills to help a person "manage" emotional and behavioral problems.  This could be compared to someone cutting the thorns off of the bush or "pruning" it so it wouldn't grow out of control.  Although this may temporarily control the problem, the thorn bush is still there and eventually will grow back.  The Seed Digging approach blends deeper models of counseling (from a psychodynamic approach) to go beyond only pruning the bush or "managing" symptoms. It pulls the bush up at the root so it will not grow back, therefore permanently removing the problem.

The most important part about the process is that the client learns how to use the process themselves to pull their own "seeds" and continuously self-heal at the core level when intense emotional or behavioral issues arise. The Mental Health Professional only acts as a "loose guide" and trusts that the process will take the client exactly to the root(s) of their issues and help them discover "truth" from within. This "truth" is what brings freedom and inner peace.

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