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October 29, 2014

A few years ago a woman came to my office. She was only going to be in town for a few days.

It was the last time she would ever be in town. Not because she was moving or didn't like the area.

She only had a few weeks to live.

I smiled at her. My face tried to "pretend" th...

October 11, 2014

Since I began this amazing journey with Seed Digging, I have encountered an intriguing thing that happens with each person I work with.

Each of us truly has "a child within" that desperately wants to feel needed, accepted, loved, valued. To belong. To feel safe.

When tha...

October 11, 2014

He cheats. She works late.

He wants to feel "needed." She needs to feel "wanted."

She wants her husband. He needs his wife.

When he was younger, his mom was a busy mom. She loved him dearly but she had too much to do.

He wanted her to spend time with him. But there were ne...

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