About the Process 

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"The goal is that individuals use Seed Digging to stop future emotional or behavioral problems as they arise."

Seed Digging is a simple, yet very powerful exposure therapy style technique that assists children and adults with intense emotional and behavioral problems & addictions to overcome and ultimately heal from debilitating disorders.

The technique is based on a simple analogy of a garden and teaches that we all “have gardens” inside our hearts where weeds and flowers grow. The weeds represent those negative feelings and actions that cause problems for ourselves and others. The flowers represent those happy feelings and positive actions that bring joy and peace to our lives.

Seed Digging uses a systematic approach to healing by incorporating concepts of the mind, brain, and body 
together to help a person uproot weeds and replace them with flowers. Clients learn how to change negative thought patterns to positive ones which results in slowing the autonomic stress response system down; this ultimately changes neurological pathways and rewires the brain for inner healing--resulting in positive external emotional and behavioral reactions.

Shawna Burns has trained many mental health professionals and licensed school counselors to guide clients/students through counseling sessions to help them “pull weeds”. Eventually clients learn how to use the technique themselves to sustain healing and stop future emotional or behavioral problems as they arise.

Seed Digging counseling sessions occur at the Seed Digging Wellness Center in Harrison, Arkansas and also at other locations. Please refer to the "Certified PROs" tab to look for a Seed Digging Professional in your area.  If you are interested in a live or virtual session at the Seed Digging Wellness center, please call our office at 870-204-6016 or check out our website at www.seeddiggingwellnesscenter.com.